Your feedback for the All Hell Let Loose paperback

30th April 2012

All Hell Let Loose is now available to British readers in paperback and I hope many more of you will enjoy it as much as the hardback audience has done.  I am very grateful to eagle-eyed students of WWII who spotted a few careless slips in the original edition, which we have been able to correct for the paperback.   I hope others will keep writing in with comments and pointing out any more mistakes you find.   For authors, it is a 21st Century miracle that, through a website such as this, we can enjoy an almost instant dialogue with readers.  I have learned a lot from the huge response to All Hell Let Loose, as well as welcoming your thoughts about my earlier titles.  Keep your messages coming- they help me to do better next time !  I am now well down the track with researching a big book on 1914 which will be published in the autumn of 2013, and have just returned from a thousand-mile tour of the British and French battlefields with Clive Harris and Mike Sheil, ace guides whose own website you can see at  I would warmly recommend them to anybody who wants to study the ground of the vast campaigns of the two world wars.   Thanks so much to all my readers for your support: I have my fingers crossed that the paperback edition of All Hell Let Loose will find an even bigger audience than the hardback has done.   Somehow the book seems to have touched a spot with the public in an amazing way, and for a writer like me, who has been studying and describing the Second World War for thirty-five years, that is a very moving experience.

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