Upcoming Events

16th March 2018

Max will be talking about his new book Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy 1945-1975 at the following venues:
10th October – 7.00pm Sherborne History Festival
11th October – 11.00am Cheltenham Literary Festival
15th October – The Smithsonian, Washington DC
17th October – Omar Bradley Memorial Lecture, US Army Heritage Centre, Carlisle, Pennsylvania (evening)
18th October – 8.00pm 92nd Street Talks, 1395 Lexington Avenue, New York
24th October – 6.00pm Pritzker Library, Chicago
26th October – 6.30pm Wells Festival
27th October – 11.00am Wantage Festival
29th October – 7.00pm Times+ Event, Islington Assembly Hall, London
30th October – 7.00pm Jewish Book Week, King’s Place, London
4th November – 3.00pm Petworth Literary Festival
14th November – 7.00pm University of East Anglia International Festival
15th November – 7.30pm Village Books, Dulwich at Alleyn’s School
23rd November – Horris Hill Theatre lecture, Long Gallery, Englefield (evening)
25th November – 11.30am Cambridge Winter Festival
25th November – 3.00pm Topping & Co, Ely
27th November – 8.00pm Topping & Co, Bath
10th December – 6.30pm Waterstones, Durham
23rd January – 7.30pm Hungerford Historical Association, Corn Exchange, Hungerford

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