Overlord was acclaimed on its initial publication in 1984 as a ground-breaking account of the D-Day invasion and subsequent struggle for Normandy, which a servicing general in the US Army recently described as “still by far the most important modern book on the campaign”.  Hastings was fiercely attacked by some veterans for asserting that the German army performed better, man for man, than the American or British armies, but today this has become a widely-accepted orthodoxy, amply demonstrated by the statistics.  To the very end of the war, to beat the Germans on any given battlefield the allies needed a handsome superiority of men, tanks and air support.  Such distinguished senior officers who served in Normandy as Field-Marshal Lord Carver and Field-Marshal Lord Bramall acclaimed Overlord as “the outstanding study of the Normandy story”, and the book commands a wide readership today.


Release Date: 01/06/1984
ISBN: 9781447288732

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